about GeekMoM

As a geek and a girl I grew up searching for a place to fit in. I never liked the things other girls did, I wanted to play with Starwars and Ninja Turtles toys. I wanted to go on adventures with Willow and ride in a time machine with Marty McFly. I imagined I was as brave as Princess Leia or as strong as Ripley from Alien.

Once I became and adult my love of all things geek and fangirl had not left me, and I started to realize that standing out was way better than fitting in. I passed on my geek-tastic-ness to my son including our love of Lego. Later in life I was also lucky enough to find a man that is just as big of a geek as I am, and who supports my geek obsessions out here in beautiful California.

Here on Geek Mom Life I photograph & blog about anything and everything from fandoms, to parenting, food, DYIs, local events and more. Sharing my love of pop culture with fellow geeks is my passion. Join me and my family on our adventures of life, kids and fandom.

Because who says parents have to grow up?

2015 - 2019  Geek Mom Life™


Bay Area California

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