Easter Egg Treasure Hunt - For Older Kids

March 27, 2018



Easter in my house was always a big breakfast, an egg hunt then a severe sugar coma. My son’s first Easter was when he was almost 6 months old, and all he wanted to do was suck on the plastic eggs. Over the years I love filling the eggs, hiding them and watching him try to figure out where they were.

As he grew there is the hilarious opening of the eggs that leads to giggles and cheers. I always filled the eggs with a little candy and lots of little toys, stickers and other non-food fun.


Last year as my son turned 10, he asked for the truth on Santa Clause which meant of course the truth on the Eater Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, etc. Making this first Easter I will not get to be the Easter bunny in 10 years.


Feeling sad and wandering the Easter isle at Target, I was thinking about what Easter is going to be like for our family now. No more egg-citement, no more surprises. Then it hit me, just because he knows the Easter Bunny isn’t real doesn’t mean I can’t surprise him.



So began the planning of the Easter Treasure Hunt.



I started planning the idea of him finding eggs and each egg leads to another clue, and another and another taking him inside and outside of the house. I started listing hints then even some riddles. I printed out the clues and rolled them up placing them in the eggs.


The first egg will be in his basket starting it all. 


The final prize at the end will be his favorite, a giant Lego set.


I also got him a few little treats and small toys for his Easter Basket. Just an idea for those of you with kids a little bit older, growing up doesn’t have to mean losing the fun and excitement of the holidays!

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