Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice gets the Lego treatment

March 26, 2016



Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out in theaters today, and what better way to take home a piece of the film then with the new Lego sets inspired by the film!


 Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle

Save Lois Lane from Lex Luther with the help of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in this great new set.



The Batwing includes an opening cockpit, foldout wings for flight and landing modes, and a six-shooting rapid shooter.


Lex Luthor’s LexCorp helicopter has an opening cockpit for Lex Luthor, spinning rotors, 8 Kryptonite flick missiles and an attachment point for Lois Lane to hold onto underneath.


The new Wonder Woman is fantastic!




And of course you would need Batman and Superman.


Clash of the Heroes

 This smaller set is an all out battle!


Climb to the Bat Signal and duel with Batman and Superman.



The Bat Signal has a little box for Kryptonite, watch out Superman.



Batman wears his amazing armored suit and his eyes glow in the dark.


Even Superman is scared of Lego Kryptonite!

 Kryptonite Interception

This set has Includes 3 minifigures Batman and 2 LexCorp henchmen.




The Batmobile features an opening cockpit for Batman, big wheels and 2 stud shooters.


There is also a forklift that Lex's henchmen are using to transport the Kryptonite.



Check out Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and take home the fun with it's Lego sets!



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