Lego Set Review: Exo-Suit

April 2, 2016

Suit up for some futuristic fun with the Exo-Suit set from Lego.


Here's a look at the instruction book, there is no sticker sheet.


There were only a few bags, and most of the pieces were gray.


The Exo-Suit itself was the most challenging build.




There were lots of gears and parts that are very sensitive to pressure.

I would not suggest this toy for smaller kids, average playtime would break off the pieces.

The set comes with the following items.






Robot Turtle

Accessory Pieces:


Barrel 2x

Walkie-Talkie 1x




Exo Suit

Loading Pad


All together the set has 321 pieces.





The Mini figure people are 2 astronauts, Yve and Pete.

They both have a green space suit. Yve has a smile.


Pete looks grumpy. He holds a walkie-talkie. Both space suits have the classic Saturn logo, helmets, face masks and air tanks on their backs.


 Then there is the adorable Robot Turtle. He has a great range of motion with his pieces.


He can be posed in many dog like expressions.*


There is this great loading pad that has 2 yellow barrels.

 It fits both of our space explorers.


 What's inside? Moon rocks maybe? Who knows. But the Exo-suit can easily pick up the barrels.


Now onto the suit.

 The Exo-Suit is one of the coolest things to look at once built.

 It's feet are a bit of a challenged to get the balance right as there are many joints.

 The arms are extendable, with an elbow joint that moves and fingers on the hands that can grasp. Which works great on mini figures.

The cockpit can perfectly hold one Mini figure.

There is a "roll bar" that lifts to allow a figure to sit.

For a rating I give this set 4 1/2 out of 5 bricks, it is a very cool build to display but I recommend only doing that. It's fragile pieces break off repeatedly.

*Futuristic pets are better.




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