Lego Set Review: Nexo Knights Ultimate Lavaria

April 3, 2016


 There was never a vileness so scary and so smoking hot (literally) as Lavaria in the Nexo Knights series from Lego!

There are no stickers for this set.

Ultimate Lavaria merges live-action play with 3 scannable shields that give you NEXO Powers for digital gaming in the app. You can scan these shields into the game for each of the 3 NEXO Powers Beetle Bomb, Incinerate and Venom Bite.







The set was very easy and only took about 10 minutes.

 The set comes with the following items.







Accessory Pieces:


Crossbow stud shooter 1x

Extra studs 3x

Snakes 2x

Shield Base 1x

Dual Blade Staff 1x

Scan shields 3x

Hood 1x




Spider legs


Showcase Stand


All together the set has 69 pieces.

 Lavaria has 2 dual face with a smile and an evil grin.

 She also has a hood and wings. She does not have a hair piece.

Her legs can be removed to allow her to ride on her spider legs.


She is fantastically evil with her dual blade staff and her power shield.


Her display stand as 3 sections.

 The center base for her to snap into or hover over.

 The side with the holster for her Crossbow stud shooter.

And also a container for her extra studs.

 And the side with her 2 snakes that go with her Venom Bite shield.

 For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, i love her devilish grin and creepy look, she is an amazing vileness!

Lavaria goes great with the minion that came free in the Nexo Knight starter pack that gave away. Even he is a little scared of her.

*I gave Lavaria some hair, that's a whole lotta red on one villain.



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