Lego Set Review: Corner Deli

April 5, 2016


Hungry for some Lego fun? Then the Corner Deli is the perfect set for you!

This set took some time to build and I do not recommend it for little ones.

It is a Lego Creator set which means there are 3 builds in 1 box, the other 2 are featured below.

After organizing all of the bricks it was time to build!



The set comes with the following items.




Deli Employee

Little Girl


Accessory Pieces:


Sandwiches 2x

Lamp 1x

Stove Top




Bottle 1x

Fire Hydrant






All together the set has 467 pieces.

 There are two mini figures.

A little girl and the Deli Employee.

He has a messy shirt with a name badge and a smiley face button.

He even has an apron tie on his back.

The Deli is full of fun.

There is a little table and stool outside for you to have your sandwich.

And lets not forget the delicious looking giant sandwich sign!


There is a window to order your food from and a door as well.



 Upstairs is a little balcony with a door and a window box of flowers.

The opposite side has a fire hydrant and a yellow door.

 Above it is another window with a window box of flowers.

 The roof has a bird on an antenna and a sky light.


The inside is great with 4 little rooms.

 There is a room with an armchair.

Another with a dresser and lamp.

With an opening door.

The bottom floor is the main window to order sandwiches with the door and counter with a cash register.

Then the other has the grill.

Here are the side view and closed view of the building.

 For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, I adore this set and would keep it exactly as it is as the Deli build.

* The Hot Dog Guy is excited for sandwiches!



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