Lego Set Review: Jurassic World – Raptor Rampage

April 16, 2016

The Raptor Rampage set is the second most sought after set in the Jurassic World Lego series.

This is the only set that features Blue, the Raptor that saves the day in Jurassic World.


The raptors come in special plastic packages with the pieces spread out.


Here’s a look at the sticker sheet, logo with scratches etc.


The raptors snap together fast and easy and are the most fun part of the set.


 Owen’s motorcycle was a breeze and I love the color.

 The truck was a smooth build, it has 2 ways to mount the gun as well.





 The set comes with the following items.






ACU Trooper

Blue (Raptor)

Echo (Raptor)

 Accessory Pieces:


Camera Head Mounts 2x

Knife 2x

Green Missiles 2x

Cell Phone

Computer Terminals 2x

Tranquilizer gun 1x

Syringes 2x




ACU Vet Truck


Rotating Rooftop Shooter


All together the set has 324 pieces.


 The mini figures of Claire and Owen have dual faces.

For Owen there is a smirk and a stern face.

For Claire a scared face and slight smile. Neither of which make her look very happy.


The raptors have wonderfully movable parts. Their necks move side to side.


Their jaws open and close, with a partial open mouth then a full “I’m gunna bite your face off” mouth.


Their arms and legs move as well. And there is a place on the back to add pieces or a character. I totally need a “Raptor Mount”.*

 The motorcycle was easy to snap together, and looks just like it does in the movie, right down to the color.

The Vet Truck has lots of great stickers and logos.





 With screens for tracking the raptors.


The back doors open out just like in the movie.

There is a gun station on the roof for the ACU Trooper to fire the Rotating Rooftop Shooter

The shooter also fits inside the truck for easy travel.

The top can open to add a driver.

Claire don’t text and drive!

With this set you can recreate the chase scene from the movie, especially once you have all 4 raptors.* However in the film he kids have to fight off the Raptors attacking the truck as Claire tries to drive away, this set is minus the kids. Gray comes in the Dilophosaurus Ambush Set and Zach comes in the Indominus Rex Breakout set.

For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, it is worth the effort to track down this set for sure being the second hardest to find in the series. It has many parts and gives a great sense of the story.

*Owne's pack.


*Owen making the raptors stand down.




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