Things got a little "Funcomfortable" with Chris Hardwick in San Francisco

April 11, 2016

Chris Hardwick made the audience laugh till they cried in his Funcomfortable comedy show taping in San Francisco. 

The comedian, pod-caster, TV show host and Nerd Hero was taping his comedy tour 'Funcomfortable' in the Palace of Fine Arts Theater in San Francisco, California.

This special taped event was, as the artist commented "One of the most important things in a comedian's career" as he thanked the San Francisco crowd for braving the rain to be a part of it.

As a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead and the after show The Talking Dead, hosted by Hardwick, I was so very excited to be a part of the taping. Chris hit us in the face right away with a mom joke that broke the ice and set the tone for the evening. He perfectly made everyone so uncomfortable with that they had to laugh. He made you feel as if you were having a conversation with your favorite nerdy friend, who has a very dirty sense of humor.

Chris was brutally honest about things from his past; like relationships, his fear of heights and even his embarrassing teenage sexual experiences. He also brings in our loved nerd humor with lines like "Doc Blocked" when referring to Back to the Future and apologizing in advance for when The Walking Dead favorite Daryl Dixon eventually dies on the TV show stating "I am not coming into work that day." I laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes as the show delivered as promised, a complete Fun-comfortable experience.

Hardwick had these special 8-bit posters made up just for the audience and each character is a part from the show. This was an awesome little takeaway that now sits in my office.

The taping is set to air on Comedy Central on April 30th. This show is a must see, major points for Chris Hardwick.

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