Lego Set Review: Birthday Table Decoration

April 14, 2016

Have a Happy Birthday with Lego has never been more fun than with the Birthday Table Decoration set.

I got this set for my birthday, notice all the confetti in the photos as I build it.

The set gives you plenty of yellow and clear bricks and instructions for how to build numbers 0-9.


 The cake itself was very simple and quick to build.

The challenging part however was the little shelf the Jester sits on to pop out of the cake, he is difficult to attach and remove without breaking the cake.

The cake is very colorful and fun.

The set comes with the following items.





Jester Torso , head and hat only



Accessory Pieces:


Yellow Pieces for Numbers & Stand







All together the set has 120 pieces.

For the numbers on the cake you can make any age from 1 to 99 in bricks.

I did 33 as I got the set for my 33rd Birthday and it went on top of my cake.*

The Jester is sadly only ½ a mini figure as he has no legs. He has a happy and a sad face.

I was disappointed to see he was only a torso, even though that is all that is needed for him to attach to the shelf to pop out of the cake, he still could have come with legs as well, especially if this set was purchased for kids, they can’t play with him.

The cake is a rainbow of colors.

With a green base stand, white frosting and blue lit candles.

There are red and pink bits as well on the top.

When you press the blue lever with the star out pops the Jester.

For a rating I give this set 3 out of 5 bricks, the cake is cute the ½ of a Minifigure is disappointing as well as the difficulties in attaching the ½ Jester make the set frustrating at times. It is a cute set but would be challenging for kids.

*This takes the cake, you are never too old for Lego, unless you are over 99, then you are going to need more bricks for this cake!




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