Lego Minifigures: Genie

May 3, 2016


The latest Minfigure series from Lego has every Disney fan wishing upon a star to find these figures in local stores.

The figures are blind bags and range from 3.99-4.99 depending on where you purchase them.

One of these awesome figures is the Genie from Aladdin.

He has a total of 7 pieces including the classic black stand. He of course has his golden lamp.

One of his ears has an earring, he has wrist cuffs and he has his pre-freedom wispy tail.

I really love his beard and huge grin most of all.

Genie and his "little buddy Al" go together perfectly.

He is a great addition to the set and gets along nicely with the Minifigure genie from a few series ago.

This new series of Minifigures are found at the Lego Store and at toy stores like Toys R Us, Target etc as of May 1st. There are 18 figures in all. To see all 18 Click Here.




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