Lego Set Review: Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase

April 18, 2016

Duke it out on 2 wheels with Harley and Batman on the streets of Gotham with the City Cycle Chase set. 

The bikes did have a few complicated parts, but all together the build wasn’t very challenging, you may have to help small kids with a few parts.





 The vehicles weren't too complicated to build and had huge tires.



 Deadshot's gun is cool but it is very hard to get him to stand with it.

Here’s a look at the sticker sheet.




 The set comes with the following items.


Harley Quinn




Accessory Pieces:

Giant Hammer

Gun with Scope

Bat-a-rang 2x



Harley Cycle

Bat Cycle


All together the set has 224 pieces.

Batman is his classic self with a grey suit and cloth cape.

 Harley is, well, FANTASTIC.

 Her hair and clothing colors are meant to be similar to her new look in the upcoming film Suicide Squad.

 Her blue and red pigtails are the best.

 Deadshot has is HUGE gun.

He also has what looks like a rocket pack on his back.

 The gun is ginormous in comparison to the Minifigure.

 Batman's Cycle is his classic colors of black and grey with hints of yellow.

 It of course has his bat symbol, and Bat-a-rangs on one side and a grappling hook on the other.

 The handles make him stay in an almost laying position.

 Harley's cycle is my favorite.

 It has he huge POW hammer on the side and his her blue and red colors matching her outfit.

 The front tire is the biggest part.

 Harley means business on this thing.

And her evil smile is just everything

For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, it is exactly what I wanted from this set, and Deadshot is a nice little extra but I really couldn't have cared less if he was there.



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