May the Bear be with you...

April 19, 2016


 Build-A-Bear has added Starwars to their selection of builds! My fiance surprised me with a visit just for this for our anniversary.

There are so many bears/animals to choose from, like Darth Vader and Chewy!

There were Storm troopers, a Starwars, logo bear and so many more.

For those of you that have never been to a Build-A-Bear here's a little tour on how it's done.

First you decide with bear you want. They all look like sad empty sock puppets at first.

Once you have your bear you get into line, and adding sound is the first thing to do.

You choose a “button” and a sound to add. I chose the Starwars into theme music... because well come one now do I really have to explain?

Next up you choose a heart, either cloth one or a plastic one with a heartbeat.

Next is the fluff machine.

Then you step on a pedal to help a Build-A-Bear worker fill up your bear with fluff.

For adults this next part can be a bit embarrassing if you are that type of person. As you have to do things like warm the heart in your hands to get it started. And press the heart on your nose and close your eyes to make a wish for your bear.

I saw lots of couples making bears together, and our course a lot of kids. There were a few judgmental adults there with kids who looked as us adults who were doing this without children there were crazy. To them I say, you need to learn how to have some fun!

Next up is the bath area where you get your bear all nice and clean. As you can see I chose a Zombie Bear from the Halloween section.

Then you go to the NAME ME area to name your bear and print a Birth Certificate.

You scan the tag on the bear's ear and then it gets a little body scan too.


This scan tells you the personality your bear has.

Then you name it. Yes I named my Zombie Bear ‘Walker’ big shock there as I am a HUGE The Walking Dead fan.

Now for the BEST part, its outfit time.


There were so many Starwars outfits and accessories like, boots, blasters and light sabers.

The graphic tees and hoodies I wished were available to purchase in people size clothing. They had Starwars pajamas too!

Choosing an outfit is the hardest part, then you pay.

They print your Birth Certificate and you pay for your bear and its gear. Then its off to the dressing table to dress it.

I chose the blaster and the Princess Leia buns outfit for my bear. I was told by the cashier that was the first time anyone had made a Zombie Starwars bear, I was pleased with myself.

My fiance chose a little Wicket Ewok and dressed him in an R2-D2 hoodie. Once they are dressed and ready to go they get their very own special box to travel in.

And here they are in all their geeky glory!

I had a blast and I would love to go back and do it all again. The staff is patient, kind and they make the experience so much fun.

Here I am leaving with Walker, she is perfect!



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