Wizard World ComiCon 2015

April 21, 2016

Wizard World ComicCon Sacramento,CA was my very first ComicCon experience, and it was everything I hoped for.


My fiance and I had pre ordered VIP passes for early entrance. Also a pictures and autographs with The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus.

A lot of preparation went into my cosplays and outfits for this Con, I went as Scarlet Witch and Daryl Dixon. My fiance Danny went as Nick Fury. I ordered pieces online, made a few and bought contacts at the Con. My suitcase hardly included any real clothes at all. On the first day of this 3-day event last summer I was Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. I brought my Survival Kit for Norman to sign.

My outfit was ripped jeans with some dirt and blood spray, a navy bandanna on my ankle like Daryl wore, a green men's collard shirt pre-wrinkled and worn, Darly's Wing Vest and Ear Necklace from the Spirit Halloween Store, gloves with the fingers cut out, Angle Wing Earrings and a Squirrel that I bought from Petco.


Everything came together with my dagger, I did not buy a crossbow as weapons are regulated, weapon props are heavy and they are hard to carry around all day.


I did my make-up using lots of brown eye shadow and foundation smears of dirt and I used a combination of reds and browns for bruises and cuts to copy Daryl's Terminus look with a cut lip, cut eyebrow and black eye.


After packing the car we headed to the Con, so EXCITED!



The first day went by in a flash of vendors, cosplays and excitement, it was like Christmas.






Not to brag but I did get fake interviewed by April O'neil on my hard times at Terminus and fighting Walker herds.


There were many celebrities from the Geek world present; including Manu Bennet, Sean Patrick Flanery and Giancarlo Esposito.


I only spotted one other Walking Dead cosplay the first day and it was an adorable father and daughter duo as Abraham and Rosita.


The first day was very mellow as it was a Friday. And Saturday was a whole different story.

We got up early to get ready while it was still dark out.



My Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff, costume was a blast to put together. I bought a black baby doll dress from Urban Outfitters, the jacket was special order from Film Jackets. (Both our Nick Fury's Jacket and Scarlet Witch jacket were from Film Jackets). My jacket made the outfit honestly and I loved it. I also made my own wrist cuffs, necklaces and bracelets. I torn up a grey and black pair of stockings and bought boots at Target.

We grabbed coffee and the barista put Wanda on my coffee, then the had to call out "Wanda?" and all the other fellow ComicCon adtendees in line laughed. 



We waited in the VIP line and were admitted 30 minutes before everyone with general admission tickets. Getting in a 1/2 hour before everyone else has its advantages. We got first dibs on swag and collectibles.

And were stopped to make a few videos and we were interviewed for the local news.


I was interviewed by a local YouTube sister pair who coincidentally were dressed as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.


And my fiance and I were also featured in 2 YouTube videos. One from Nerd Reactor set to Taylor Swift's Shake it Off.

And another of random cosplay artists set to music.

The day was off to an amazing start and it was only going to get better.

We wandered around the Con and took lots...and lots of photos with cosplay artists.



We got 3D scanned and had resin figures of ourselves made, which was pretty freaking cool. 


Saturday was also the day where we had our photo and autograph with Norman Reedus.

When Norman arrived the entire Con knew, as hundreds of people started to scream. We waited patiently for our turn for an autograph. Sadly you are not allowed to take photos when the autograph is happening so this as as close as I was allowed to take pictures. But I understand the reason for it, some people are insane.

Norman was a very nice guy and gave me a big hug. He loved my bag and asked me where I got it, I got asked many times where my amazing bag is from, it actually is a real 2 week survival kit for 2 people with bandages, water, food and other gear. I used it as a purse. (It is from Norman was a very nice guy and gave me a big hug. He loved my bag and asked me where I got it, I got asked many times where my amazing bag is from, it actually is a real 2 week survival kit for 2 people with bandgaesbandages, water, food and other gear. I used it as a purse. It is made by First My Family.

I gave him a black bracelet I was wearing with a skull in it and he asked me to put it on his wrist. Gushing like a 16 year old I thanked him for signing my bag and shook his hand and left.

A few hours later were the photo ops. I wore my BITE ME shirt, the same one he wore on a then recent magazine cover, and of course happened upon some zombies.

The photo happened so fast, I was flustered. I completely forgot to show off my shirt. I did however remember to ask him if he'd like to flip the bird. He laughed and said hell yeah. You can see the black thread bracelet I gave him with the bronze skull still on his left hand.

Then I took another photo with my fiance and Norman, with out "I can't believe we are standing with Norman Reedus faces".

Sadly I had taken many more photos of the con mostly on my cell, and on Saturday night it crashed, all photos that I hadn't uploaded to social media were gone forever according to the Apple tech, which he told me as I cried like a baby in the Apple Store. So there are no more photos from Sunday.

Even losing the photos I still have so many great memories of that weekend and I cannot wait to go back again this year with my fiance. Couples who geek together stay together!


Click Here for details on Wizard World's ComicCon coming to your city.













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