Lootcrate Review: Dead

April 22, 2016

The Walking Dead meets Deadpool in this Lootcrate.

 Lootcrate has a monthly awesome subscription box that all Geeks love. Each month has a different theme. This one's theme is Dead.

There is this cool TACOS Deadpool shirt by FifthSun apparel.

A McFarlane toys collectible Walking Dead mystery figure.

I got Rick!

There are these fantastic Daryl ear necklace soaps. Though I can't imagine rubbing these ears in the shower...

The monthly Lootcrate button has turned into a Pin and this one is an undead loot box walking around.

The book with this month's book is all about surviving the zombie apocalypse.

And it even has a quiz on which The Walking Dead character you are.

Then last but not least there is action Deadpool statue.

It shows a scene of Deadpool with an explosion behind him sending him forward.


The box itself turns into a zombie nightmare, and it is totally covered in walkers.

This crate was on point for the DEAD theme, I can't wait to see what comes next.

Click Here to get a Lootcrate subscription of your own.
















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