Loungfly: The Ultimate Fandom Purse

April 26, 2016

Have you ever wished there was a purse in the world that perfectly expressed your fandom, and also didn't look like it came from a toy store? Loungefly has granted your wish with their amazing bags, wallets and more.

My favorite of these bags is the R2-D2 purse, I got it for Christmas.

 I have never been much of a purse girl, until I got my hands on this bag.

The bag had 2 handles and a 2-zip zipper. It looks exactly like the front and back of R2-D2.

The metal embellishments give the purse a high fashion look with the rebel symbols and the Starwars/Loungefly logo.

The inside has 2 pockets, one is open, and the other has a zipper.

And the lining is black with dark grey lettering of Starwars.

The base has metal feet to help prevent wear and tear.

I get compliments on my everywhere I go, especially at The Lego Store and our local comic book shop.

There are dozens of designs waiting for you to show off at Loungefly.com go take a look for yourself! 


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