Lego Birthday Party

April 30, 2016

For my son's 9th Birthday he wanted to have a Lego party. He is obsessed with Lego and when The Lego Movie came out he was even more into it. So my planning for a Lego Birthday Party began. Little did I know that there are hardly any Lego products out there, and I would have to make just about everything myself.

We found this great Emmet shirt at Target and went to our local park for a little fun photo shoot.

Next was the invitation, which were meant to look like VIP passes to The Lego Movie.

 Then began the 3 weeks of me making decorations and games for the party.

Starting with the signs, I made a Party Rules sign that all kids had to read when they arrived, and one for outside where the Pinata was, to watch for dog poo from our new puppy.

Next for the walls and tables I cut out squares and rectangles out of table clothes, and added the same color paper plates to make Lego bricks, I bought both the table cloths and plates from our local dollar store The Dollar Tree.

I also bought popcorn pages at the dollar store and attached a VIP movie pass.

The Birthday banner I printed the words out myself using a font that looks like the Lego logo from and cut them and pasted them onto red squares. Then used a yellow yarn to string them together. And the back drop was 2x red table cloths.

For the table I set it with lots of colors, using construction paper to make Lego bricks with a rectangle and circles added for pegs as place mats.

I sprinkled the extra circles around the table. I used square plates for food and round red ones for dessert with blue cutlery.

The drinks were simple using Capri-Sun pouches, I simply cut out a Lego man head and slit a small opening at the mouth to make it more fun.

For a fun decoration I made my son a 9 out of Legos on a Lego board.

For outside I made a banner of Lego bricks and strung it with the same yellow yarn across our fence behind the Pinata.

The Pinata was very easy, as I was not about to make one out of paper mache. I took an old box and beat the tar out of it with a bat to soften it for the kids.

I filled it with candy then covered it in layers of tissue paper. My son was very excited when he saw it finished.

Adding President and Lord Business from the Lego movie to it via a computer print out.

The kids destroyed the bottom of it and the candy fell out, and in a hilarious twist the head fell off President business which they all found to be so funny my son wanted a picture showing how he took care of "business".

I could not find Lego goody bags so I made them myself. I bought the bags from Michael's craft store, and glued on construction paper circles to make Lego bricks. Inside the bags I put one Lego Minifigure for each kid, some Lego brick candy, a glow stick and a sheet of stickers. Lucky for me ToysRUs has Brick-tober in October where there are all sorts of Lego giveaways and they had these great left over Lego Starwars posters that I got to add to each bag as well.

Lego Bingo cards were fast and easy to make there are dozens of print outs online. We used Lego bricks as markers on the sheets when the kids got a Minifigure character. Another game for the kids I made myself, "Put the Piece of Resistance on the Kragle". Each kid was blind-folded and had to place the lid on, just like pin the tail on the donkey.

We also did a Lego relay race where the kids had an "In" cup of Legos and an "Out" cup of Legos.

The kids had to take the Lego bricks across the room on a spoon, hand them to their partner on their spoon and their partner had to place the Lego in the other cup.

The kids cannot drop them or touch them or they have to put that Lego back and try again. The first team to empty the "Out" cup and fill the "In" cup wins.

I filled a mason jar with Lego and had each kid guess how many were inside, then they all helped count and the winner was the kid who got the closest.

We had a contest where each kid was given the same amount and size of Lego bricks in a cup, and they had to build the tallest tower with a timer running, the tallest Lego brick tower at the end of the timer won.

For food and snacks I went a little crazy. I made Tacos with perfectly rectangle cheese for "Taco Tuesday" from The Lego movie.

I used Pillsbury pizza dough cut into rectangles with 6 pepperoni placed in 2 rows to make Lego pizza.


 I painted a tub of Red Vines as a scared Lego face.

I laid out Cheese-Its aka Lego crackers.

Little candy pieces were Lego Man Poop. (the kids giggled a lot for this one all night long)

I made 3 kinds of pop treats. For one I took nutter-butter bars, cut them in half, stuck 6 smarties candy on each with frosting, then dipped them in melting candy to make a Lego on a stick.

I also took small and large marshmallows and stuck a large one on a stick, put a small one on top, then dipped them in yellow melting candy. I added a face with black frosting to make Lego Head pops.

There were also left over Oreo's dipped in the left over blue and green melting candy as well.

The cake was no bake, which was fantastic. I took frozen Sarah Lee Pound cakes 2x, let them thaw out, then used 1 whole one and cut the other in half. I covered them in blue and yellow fondant.

Next I took Oreo cookies and covered them in fondant as well. Laying them out on the square and rectangle cakes making what looked like Lego bricks. I then added all sorts of characters from The Lego Movie and placed the cakes on a Lego building square board.

Extra little touches were I added Lego to the bathroom soap.

I covered the bathroom mirror with cute stickers and polite messages about hand washing and also toilet flushing, which is a necessity with a house full of kids, especially boys.

After cake singing and present opening, massive sugar rushes were taking over.

The kids put on the masks that I made for them and we did a photo shoot making lots of goofy faces in front of the Lego wall covers.

Then before we sat down to watch The Lego Movie, we had a Lego Light saber battle.

Which was basically giant glow sticks from the Dollar Tree, and it took their last bits of energy out.

Then the kids got their popcorn, VIP movie passes and sleeping bags and we put the movie one. They fell asleep one by one before the movie even finished.

The party was so much fun to plan I was sad to see it end, but my son said it was the best Birthday he ever had, and that's all I needed to hear. It turns out everything was awesome.

The party was a huge success, and I had to also keep his classroom cupcakes on theme later in the week.

The candy Lego bricks are easily found at ToysRUs. So when deciding on a theme check to see what's out there for decorations and treats before deciding, unless you are crazy like me and don't mind making it all yourself!

























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