Lego Created Brand New Minifigure People, and I am so Happy They Did

April 30, 2016

The Fun in the park - City People Pack comes out May 22, 2016. And it has 2 firsts for Lego people.


It is an amazing set filled with so many little characters, I am sure that is will be gone from the shelves fast. The most important thing among these city people are 2 never before seen characters.

Lego has made its first ever special needs Lego Minifigure. I know there must be so many kids out there who are disabled and love to build Lego. They now have a character they can relate to, and it's wonderful,

Another great character is being referred to as the "Stay at Home Dad". Which is great for obvious reasons. Also this is the first time Lego has done a baby Minifigure, and its freaking adorable.

And on a small side note there is yet another hot dog stand, but this one has a hot dog on a bun, for the first time ever. Before it was always just a giant sausage alone, no bun.

I will get getting 2 of this set for sure! I can't wait for the 22nd to get here!




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