Lego Set Review: Piggy Plane Attack

May 1, 2016

Take on the Pigs with the Angry Birds in the Piggy Plane Attack set from Lego.

This set is one of 6 sets Lego released for the new Angry Birds moving coming out soon.


The set was a fast build taking only about 15 minutes; it is a great set for smaller kids.


The set comes with the following items.




Pilot Pig


Accessory Pieces:

Balloons 2x

Eggs 4x



Piggy Plane



All together the set has 168 pieces.

The piggy is dashing in his scarf and goggles. He has a one piece body with removable arms and peg indented feet.

Red also has a once piece body with removable arms and feet with the Lego peg holes.

He seems very concerned, which he would be since the piggy is after the eggs.

His tail feathers are pretty cute.

The catapult is meant to look rough and basic with wood panels.

It has a bucket for the bird to sit in, and a red circle to show where you press to launch him.

However there is no one to help launch him, which is a little weird, maybe he should have brought a rock.

The little nest is very cute with 4 eggs. I am so happy that Lego finally put out actual egg shaped eggs.

Now for the Piggy Plane.

The Piggy Plane (I grin every time I type that) is meant to look mish-mashed and thrown together.

There is a spinning propeller on the front and 2 balloons on the wings.

The top has 2 flick missiles. The cockpit has a joystick and space for the Pilot Pig.

The base has 4 wheels for landing gear.

For a rating I give this set 4 out of 5 bricks, it is a cute set, I do wish that it had one more bird to help with the Catapult, it is pretty good for a 19.99 set.


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