DC Super Hero Girls Dolls

May 17, 2016

Who wants to be a princess, when you can be a Super Hero.

DC has released a line of dolls, action figures and merchandise just for girls featuring fan favorites like Harley Quinn and Bat Girl.

The plastic action figures are great.

But my favorite are the dolls.

I picked up Harley Quinn, Bat Girl and Poison Ivy.

The dolls have full outfits, hair and movable limbs.

They each have an inspiring story.

It is easy to see why these dolls are hard to find, selling out within hours when they were released online and in store.

The DC Super Hero Girls line is only found at Target and they all have been sold out for a long time.

I am so very excited that DC has finally made a powerful series of toys for girls, I hope Marvel does the same, and soon!

There is also a comic book series for the girls and a cartoon show by WB animation. I could not be more in love with how beautifully these girls are drawn.

If you have a girl in your life go out and get her these dolls, let her be inspired with super hero action figures, show her she can put on a cape and save herself.

 To see the DC Girls site Click Here.



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