DIY: Sour Starwars Gummy Candy

May 4, 2016

Try a snack that will let your kids feel the Force this Starwars Day, with this gummy candy DIY.

What you Will Need:

Corn Syrup

Jell-O Boxes (variety of colors)

Gelatin (2 packs per 1 Jell-O box)



Warheads Sour Spray Liquid Candy

There are 2 parts for these yummy gummies, Cold and Hot.

The first steps are Cold. Not keeping the temperature correct for these parts will ruin your gummies.


1- Measure our ½ cup of VERY cold water and add 1/4 cup Corn Syrup.


2- Mix together until dissolved.


3- Pour the cold water and syrup into a pan but DO NOT warm it yet.

4- Then pour in 2 packets of Gelatin and 1 full packet from a box of Jell-O. (either the small or large Jell-O box will work)

5- Mix the Jell-O and Gelatin together until all of the bits are blended in completely. This may take a bit of gentle smashing I used a soft spatula. Ensure the mixture is dissolved showing no white bits. Pour in 1 entire bottle of the Warheads Sour Spray Liquid Candy.

Now the Hot directions.


1- Turn the burner on to Medium-Low heat and stir the mixture continuously for 10 minutes. Careful not to burn the liquid, if it bubbles it is too hot.

2- Once the 10 minutes has passed pour the liquid into a smaller container with a spout for easy pouring and pour it into your molds. Be careful the liquid is VERY hot.

I made 2 different colors in this batch one of green and one of blue and splitting the molds.


Let the molds cool for about 3 hours at room temperature. Test them by gently folding the mold to pop out the gummy, if you see you have a gummy that is not peeling out, let it set for a little longer.

Once set it is time to remove your gummies. Be sure to remove them slowly as the details can get stuck in the cracks of the mold and break.

I laid them out on wax paper then continued to make another batch in more colors.

Once they were all cooled I mixed all of the colors together and let the snacking fun begin.

My son loved the gummies, he played with them and then when he finally ate them said they tasted great and went back for more.

Be sure to store them at room temperature, they will get very sticky and even melt in warm temperatures.

Put these gummies out at your Starwars Day party, Birthday party or any family friendly/geek event and you will watch them disappear faster than the Death Star plans. Leaving behind only smiles.



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