Lego Set: Super Hero Airport Battle

May 8, 2016

Choose a side in the Captain America: Civil War set, Super Hero Airport Battle.

This set comes with a comic book.

It took about 25-30 minutes to put together.


Here's a look at the sticker sheet.



The set has Marvel characters that are new to Lego and some that have been featured before but got a new look.




The most popular reason to buy this set? Giant and Mini Ant Man.

The set comes with the following items.



AntMan Giant

AntMan tiny 2x

Captain America

Iron Man

Agent 13

Scarlet Witch

Winter Soldier

War Machine


Accessory Pieces:

Shield x1

Gun x1

Luggage x1

Boxes x1

Fire Extinguisher x1

Cup x1

Wrench x1



Airport Tower

Luggage Cart



All together the set has 807 pieces.

The Airport Tower is very tall.

It has a radio control center.

Inside there are consoles and a chair.

 At the base there is a stack of boxes.

On the reverse side there is a little storage room.

It has a secret tunnel for tiny AntMan to use.

Which knocks apart the stack of boxes on the other side.

On the reverse side there is a small kitchenette. 





 The Quinjet is almost exactly like the one from the Avengers 2 set.

It has a cockpit big enough for a Minifigure.

There are flick missile guns on the base and landing gear.

And a rope.

And the rear has red pieces to simulate red lights.

The coolest addition by far is HUGE.

Giant AntMan is the reason so many of us bought this set.

His legs and arms are fully movable.

He towers over the standard figures.


The set also comes with 2 tiny AntMan statues.


These guys are teeny and easy to lose, you might want to hold onto these for smaller kids.

There is a baggage car that has 2 sections.

There is a steering wheel, and a tow cart full of luggage.



Now for all the Minifigures.

War Machine has a flick missile gun.

He has a back attachment as well.

He has an angry face on one side.

He and Tony have smile faces as well.

For Iron Man, Tony's got the same angry face he has had for a while.

He has what looks like a new weapon with blue lasers, or it could be just a new way for showing his blast.

Let's see how this holds up against Cap's shield.

 Agent 13 is a welcome addition with her first ever appearance as a Minifigure. 

She has a gun and a 2 sided face. Agent 13 will take care of business.

Captain America has his classic one-sided smile face and shield.

I hope to see her and Captain America spend more time together in this film.

Bucky aka the Winter Soldier has a gun and a duel sided face as well.

His metal arm is detailed really great.

My favorite character is Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch.

I am so excited that they finally gave her pieces that actually resemble her power.

And a hair piece that actually looks like her hair. Her red eyes are fearsome and fantastic but her smile face is great too.

I hope she gets to spend some time with Tiny AntMan.

I give this set 5 our of 5 bricks. Giant and Min AntMan alone make it totally worth adding to your collection!




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