Charles M. Schulz Museum

May 9, 2016

We visited the Charles M. Schulz Museum, and it was a heartwarming experience.



My son was very excited and so was I.

Getting to share a cartoon series that has connected generations is truly amazing.

There are so many of these great characters outside and inside for kids to pose with. My son said this was his "Bored Snoopy" face.

When we visited it was Free Comic Book Day, we each got a free exclusive comic book.

Once you step inside you are greeted by giant wall art of Peanuts favorites and cut outs from the new movie.

My son went right to the pressed penny machine.

There is a little gift shop near the cashiers desk.

And Woodstock takes a bath with no shame right in the lobby.

After paying for admission you get your Charlie Brown sticker and are good to go.

When you enter the main hall it is huge, and the entire back wall is a mural of Lucy and Charlie Brown.

As you get closer you see that it is made up of thousands of tiny comic strips of the Peanuts gang.



There are quotes form CMS everywhere.


There was a post card writing station.

And since it is election time there is a voting booth for kids to choose their favorite Peanuts character. 

 My son took this very seriously.


The museum is covered in comic strips, old and new versions of all of the characters.

There are some fine art pieces too.

And the presence of the characters are in every single nook.

Even on the bathroom signs.

There were lots of old photos.

And the walls were drawn on everywhere you looked.

Many awards were displayed, old magazines and memorabilia.



The museum was kid friendly with lots of things for them to touch, and areas for kids to get their wiggles out.

This was a drawing classroom, there was a group of girl scouts getting an art merits badge in this class.

Outside was a coloring station with markers and sheets of the characters to fill in.

In the Video Nook the wife of Charles M. Schulz narrates details about his life and his drawings over the years.

There is of course and giant Snoopy to cuddle and bean bag chairs.

In the main hall there is a beautiful wooden carving of Snoopy's progression over time.


My favorite part was getting to peek inside Charles M. Schulz's office.


Outside there are many fun things to be found.

 Charlie Brown's kite is up in a tree.

Charlie Brown himself was under construction by Woodstock.

Linus has a cross word on his chest as well as his trusty blanket.

Under this hat was bird bath, inside has a surprise you can only see when you get up close.

It is a 3D display of Snoopy and Woodstock playing ice hockey that changes as you walk around it.

 After leaving the Museum you have to go across the street.

To Snoopy's Gallery and Gift Shop.


Inside is Peanuts toy heaven.





Because you can never have enough yellow gear with a black zig zag on it.


Upstairs there is another gallery filled with statues, pictures and models.









Of course my favorite was the Lego model of the Museum and Ice Rink.




Snoopy's Home Ice has a skate rink and cafe.

 There were dozens of skaters gliding around on the ice.


The Warm Puppy is the place to be cozy by the fire with hot cocoa.

We headed for the snack cart outside as the Cafe was under construction.

We could not resist getting a rice-krispy Peanuts character.

You're a good man Charlie Brown. 

Visiting the Museum was a wonderful exerience that all ages will enjoy. We made the trip with 3 generations of family and we all left smiling.

Cartooning is still just drawing funny Pictures. -CMS

To plan your visit click here.







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