Lego Set Review: Pig City Teardown

May 15, 2016

Take on those egg stealing pigs where they live in the Pig City Teardown set.

 This set was a little complex as a build due to all of the breakaway parts to simulate the desctruction of the city.







It took about 30 minutes to build, and did not stay together for long.









 Here’s a look at the sticker sheet.

The set comes with the following items.





Smiling Piggy

Shocked Piggy


Accessory Pieces:

Eggs x5

Hot Dog Bun x1

Giant Sausage x2

TNT x3

TNT Box 1x

Balloons x5

Ice Cream Cones x4

Phone x1

Umbrella x1

Boulders x2




Zip Line


Hot Dogz Stand

Ice Cream Bin


All together the set has 386 pieces.


The Minifigures are more like toys with peg hole feet. There are 4 in total.

Red and Stella are the birds in this set.

Red looks angry.

And Stella looks more concerned.

The pigs have 2 different expressions, and are kind of odd looking being green.*

One looks happy and somewhat sinister. They resemble the classic pigs from the Angry Birds game and new Movie coming out soon. The other looks terrified, maybe it is because there is a hot dog stand in their house?

The set comes with a catapult to launch the birds at the Pig City.

It fits one bird and launches when you press the black circle.

Now to the city.

The city itself is pretty sizable, but very delicate. One wrong bump and things fall apart.

On one side there is a bin full of white and pink ice cream.

Next to it is the Pig Fone (phone).

On the opposite side there is a giant boulder that has a crank.


When the propeller is lifted up the boulder drops onto TNT.

Hitting a lever and causing the TNT to fall out, or explode whatever your imagination decides.

In the center of the set there is a bridge.

All it takes is the trio of balloons to shift back and BAM the bridge collapses.

There is also this great, but ironic, Hot Dogz stand. It has the first ever Lego Hot Dog bun.

The little house in the city has a tiny window that opens and a small light.

It is fenced in on either side to keep in all of the stolen eggs.

At the very top these is a sign that reads Piggy Back Station.

A Piggy can ride in an upside down umbrella down a zip line.

For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, it was very fun and has lots of moving parts that kids can destroy over and over.

*There is nothing similar about these piggies.




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