Angry Unicorn Goodbye Cake

May 19, 2016

One of my other co-workers Jackie was baking the actual sheet cake and I was in charge of the decorations. So I went with fondant words, a rainbow and one pissed off Unicorn.An awesome co-worker of mine was transferring to a new department, so we decided to send her off properly with a cake, adding some Geek flair and sarcasm. 

I bought one jumbo pack of white fondant and added food coloring to small clumps of it. Needing the frosting over and over with the dye until it gave the color I wanted.

It is more time consuming to color your own fondant but it is by far less expensive. Especially when your cake requires a rainbow. 

Once the letters and rainbow were finished I had to make the face for the Unicorn.

He is not please she is leaving.

And if his face didn't say enough, the words did.

Once at work on Jessica's last day I placed all of the words, rainbow and Unicorn on the cake. It came together perfectly, love, resentment and congratulations all in one.

Jessica loved the cake and could not stop laughing, mission accomplished. Other co-workers also got her a huge bottle of booze.

You're dead to us now.... I mean congratulations.




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