Lego Set Review: Juniors Beach Trip

May 21, 2016

This was my first time building a Lego Juniors set.

Of course it was simple, but what I didn’t expect was the amount of accessory pieces that came with it.

It is very girly, but it’s very cute and all of the pieces you would think you would need to add stickers to are already added.

The set comes with the following items.



Beach girl

Little Dog (Chihuahua)


Accessory Pieces:

Ice Cream Cup x1

Ice Cream Scoop Pink 2x

Surf Board 1x

Crab 1x

Dog Basket 2x

Dog Brush 1x



Sand castle with pink flag

Lounge area with Umbrella and mock beach blanket

Boom Box with stand



All together the set has 74 pieces.


The Jeep is purple and blue with yellow rim tires and a clear windshield. It has a steering wheel, a seat for 1 and room in the back for the surfboard, the dog and anything else to need to store for a beach trip.

The Lounge area, for when you arrive at the beach, has sand colored bricks. On these bricks is an umbrella, an assortment of green and yellow bricks made to look like a beach blanket, a cup of ice cream and blue squares meant to look like water with a yellow crab.

The sand castle is 6 sand colors bricks with a flying pink flag on top. And the boom box is red with a blue handle, star shaped speakers and sits on top of 4 more sand colored bricks.

She has a dolphin themes tank-top, purple pants, a brown pony-tail and a reversible face that has a smile then a smile with sunglasses. And let’s face it her little dog is adorable.


I was surprised to see a toy dog so small in a Juniors set for smaller kids but hey if they don’t know not to eat a Lego in general don’t buy them Lego at all.

For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, it does as promised, take us on a beach trip and is an easy and cute set for little kids.




















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