Meisho Star Wars Movie Realization Figures

May 22, 2016



The Meisho Star Wars Movie Realization Figures are out of this world! This new series from Bandai are the perfect gift idea for any Starwars fan, Asian Culture enthusiast or anyone that loves a detailed action figure.

I purchased these 3 for Danny for his birthday. There are several in the series.


One of the Darth Vader versions is the Samurai Taisho Darth Vader in Death Star Armor.

He has a few hand choices.

Inside every box it reads...


Darth Vader is fearsome.

The details on his armor and mask are stunning..

He even has his colored "buttons" on his chest piece.


His cape is not cloth, but has a flowing cloth like appearance.

The armor on his legs have a tiny Death Star emblem.

He comes with a Katana-style lightsaber that has a lightsaber hilt and a normal Katana with a scabbard.

Vader stands 7" tall.

My favorite part his his Death Star helmet.

Next is the Ashigaru Stromtrooper.


He comes with a few different hand selections like Vader.

The figure stands 7" tall.

He has a gun that is a mixture of an old pistol combined with a blaster.

Also he has a classic Katana.

At his waist there is a scabbard and purse.

The armor is the perfect blend of 70's Stormtrooper mixed with ancient Samurai warrior pieces.

The helmet is intimidating and has 2 suns on each side.

There is a small scroll on his back, and you can see the classic black under the white armor.

 And last but not least there is Ronin Boba Fett.


This by far was my favorite of the 3.

The colors are so vivid and the detail is stunning.

This bounty hunter stands 7" tall.

The helmet has a more square look than the classic Boba helmet.

But the scope that moves up and down is so cool.

On his legs are several knives.

Of course there is a rocket pack attached to the back of his armor.

The Mandalorian symbol is seen on his shoulder.

For weapons he has a huge gun and a short Katana sword with a scabbard.

The details on his chest are my favorite part of the figure, he even has a bullet hole.

These figures are a must have for any fan, they are totally pose-able, have interchangeable hands, and look amazing in any Geek display.

You can find these figures on and Amazon.



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