Lego Set Review: Ferry

June 3, 2016

Grab your phone, your coffee and your best suit then head to work on the Lego Ferry set.

The set was very simple and fast.

There were very few stickers.

All together it took about 20 minutes to build.














The set comes with the following items.




Business Person


Accessory Pieces:

Cell Phone 1x

Mug 1x

Fire Extinguishers 2x






All together the set has 301 pieces.


The Minifigures are a Captain and a Business Person.

The Captain has a 1 sided face with glasses, and has a great little anchor on his shirt.

He has a great cap and a mug for coffee.

The Business Person is a woman in a great little suit.

She has a cell phone and a great 1 sided face with a smile.

She has this great little convertible that looks like a Beetle.

It rolls smoothly and fits great on the Ferry.

The Ferry is huge.

It is one of the longest sets I have ever built.

It has a tower on the top for the captain to keep watch.*

And life preserves on the sides.

And a seat for resting.

It has this great ramp for keeping in cars.

For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, it is a lot of fun and I love the convertible card.

*Sometimes you may encounter more than you bargain for on the sea.

Dr. McScrubs loves Ferry Boats.

This set makes a great gift for Father's Day, check out my Blog on geeky Father's day gifts!


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