Geeking Out at Barnes & Noble

May 16, 2017

Geek out at Barnes & Noble, and not just over books.

Barnes & Noble is one of the few chain book stores left in this tech savvy era where everything can be digitally downloaded. Aside from being able to purchase an actual real life book, this chain has also developed an entire section that fandom lovers such as myself can geek out over.

A large collection of special Edition Marvel, DC characters and more are finding their way into stores you may not have expected, like Barnes & Noble. These collectibles that are usually found at your local comic book shop, are now easier to find.

The growing in popularity Funko Pop toys are found in huge numbers in the collectibles section at this book store chain too. You can also find collectors edition action figures, board games, puzzles, and model sets.

There are also toys from popular adult TV series like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

 They also have a large selection of Lego including Starwars, City and Minecraft.

So next time you have checked all of your local toy stores for that must have geek item, don't forget to head to Barnes & Noble!


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