Lego Set Review: Lakeside Lodge

May 25, 2016

Cozy up in the wild in the Lakeside Lodge set from Lego.


It has 3 options but only built the main Lodge choice.



This set was a really fun and fast build, it only took about 15 minutes.


The set comes with the following items.






Accessory Pieces:

Frog 1x

Mug 1x

Fishing Pole x1

Bucket 1x

Jar 1x

Lamp 1x

Campfire 1x

Fish 1x

Shovel 1x

Chair 1x

Ax 1x

Frying Pan 1x

Letter 1x

Quill 1x








All together the set has 368 pieces.

The Minifigure camping guy has a flannel shirt and khakis.


He has a fishing pole and bucket, I wish I could fish with him.

Maybe he should have a fishing buddy.*

The lake is fun with little lily pads and a dock.

There is also an area with an ax for chopping wood and a small tree.

Also there is a campfire with a fish frying.

The camper guy can relax in his chair by the lake and hang out with the frog and the moose.

The moose is hilarious.

He has bendable legs and movable head, also fun antlers. Though I do wish he had eyes.

The cabin is rustic and has antlers on the outside as well as a small light.

 The roof is red with a chimney.

On one side there are windows with the chimney.

It has opening windows and a front door.

Another side has opening windows as well.

The set opens and closes in the middle.


Inside on the left there is a kitchen. And the shelf has a jar and a mug on it.


A small stove sits on the wall with a frying pan is on top. It has an egg in it, or maybe it’s supposed to be a pancake.

On the right side there is a desk with a letter and a pen quill for writing.

There also is a small bed by the far window.

For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, I adore this set it makes me want to go camping. I also love the colors for this set, it is very claiming.

*This is best fishing buddy.


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