Geek Style at Target

May 26, 2016

As a girl who loves Target and also all things Geek I spend lots of time looking at their graphic tees, but in the women's section.

It started a while back when I was browsing in the men’s section for my fiancé’. There were 3 displays of all types of fandom shirts for men from Starwars to Breaking Bad, Dc, Marvel, Goonies, Game of Thones and so much more.

As I drooled over the adorable vintage shirts I pulled out one from The Sandlot, it said “You’re Killing me Smalls”, and it immediately went into my cart.

I rushed to the dressing rooms to try on a size small, expecting to be disappointed with the fit, but as it turns out size S in the “Athletic Fit” choice fits just great.

Every time I visit Target for clothes I stop by this section searching for this fit and size to see what they may have.

Since the first trip I have since purchased a classic Jurassic park logo shirt, a Jaws movie poster shirt and what is designed to look like a schematic for a STARWARS AT-AT walker.

So ladies the next time you are at Target take a look in the “Men’s” department, they have way cooler graphic tees.

Shop Target's Graphic Tees here.



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