Geeky Father’s Day Gift Ideas

May 28, 2016

No matter if you are shopping for a Jedi, a Super Hero or a Scientist, find the perfect gift for the Geek Man in your life this Father's Day on this list.


Our Hero Key Ring


Remind Dad every day as he heads to work that he is your hero with this hand made key ring.


Bonus Dad Mug


A Great idea for a Step-Dad in your life that maybe is tired of being compared to wicked Step Mothers.


Darth Vader Briefcase


Let his Dark Side show at work with this intimidating briefcase.

Deadpool Accessories Shirt


Show him he's the bad@$$ in your life with this awesome Deadpool tee.


Lego Minifigure Display Case


These handmade Lego stands are great for showing off your favorite collectors figures.


Lego First Order Stormtrooper


If he likes to build Lego this large model Stormtrooper is ready for action, once he is built of course! (Click here for a full review of this set)


 Rick's  Backpack Sheriff


Let him fight the dead and fear the living with this The Walking Dead backpack themed after everyone's favorite Georgia Sheriff Rick Grimes.




Space Suckers


Give him a sweet treat worthy of NASA with these planet themed suckers.



Tired Dad Mug


Define Dad as a hero with this hilarious mug. Maybe you could fill it with some space or Super Hero suckers from the shop above.


Flux Capacitor Watch


Make sure he is never late, and can time travel, with this Back to the Future watch.

Sketch Messenger Bag

Maybe he loves to draw or just has an appreciation for comic art work, either way this sketch messenger bag is perfect it looks like it was peeled right off the pages of a comic book.



Darth Vader Camera Bag


If the Sith in your life loves photography snapping family photos, let him carry his camera gear in the empire style bag.


World of Warcraft Robe


If he is on the side of the Horde this robe will be his perfect epic gear drop, there are also alliance options too.


Lego Ferry Set


Does he take a Ferry to work, or maybe he just likes boats and Lego, either way this set will not disappoint. (Click here for a full review of this set)




Darth Vader Cufflinks


Geek Style never looked so classy and yet so ready to choke someone as with these cufflinks..


Tactical Diaper Bag


Maybe this is the first Father's Day for your guy because you are expecting, then give him this gift of a kick@$$ diaper bag, trust me he doesn't want to carry around one with flowers or baby animals.


Superman Paisley Tie


A twist on the classic boring Tie gift, let him feel super at the office or on a night out with this all silk tie that would make Clark Kent jealous.



DING! Level Up Button


If he plays World of Warcraft then he's familiar with the sound of leveling up, this button gives him that sound for any achievement, Ding! Mowed the lawn Ding! I am awesome!



#1 Dad Vader Tee


A hint of sarcasm maybe with this Vader tee, who doesn't want to be #1 Dad on Father's Day.


S.H.I.E.L.D. Wallet


Let him be a part of Marvel's Agent's of SHIELD with this synthetic leather wallet.


Monty Python Pops from Funko


From the classic movie these Funk Pop toys  will help him on his quest for the holy grail, or maybe to just help you with the kids.


Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car


Let him feel fast and furious this Father's Day with an awesome race car set from Lego.




Loot Crate Gift Subscription


The Gift that gives to him all year is Loot Crate, a monthly Geek subscription box that comes right to his door with all kinds of goodies.




Living Dino Pet


This Dinosaur container is full of Bioluminescent living creatures, it will photosynthesize during the day and glow at night.



Attack on Titan Backpack


This backpack has the Wings of Freedom logo and is ready for the office, a hike or a full on attack from... maybe your little ones.



R2-D2 Can Cooler


Cool him down with the droid he is looking for, especially when it has beer.


Action Hero Beach Blanket


Let him feel like an action figure with this hilarious beach blanket.



USB Tentacle


Not your average USB drive this wiggling tentacle will store his files and keep anyone who wants the data away for sure.



Comic Strip Photo Frame

Who doesn't like funny captions on photos like a comic strip? Let him show off his family with this fun comic strip frame with reusable caption stickers.





Goodnight Darth Vader 


If he likes to read to the kids any book from this series is adorable, funny and make him smile.


Star Trek Coasters

Beam me up Scotty and fix me a drink, he will love these coasters that light up and make the StarTrek beaming sound when you add or remove your glass.


Captain America Pull Over


This comfy pull over is what he needs if he is Team Cap.



Dancing Groot Mug


Dancing Baby Groot will keep his coffee hot with this ceramic mug and topper.


Chemist Cocktail Kit


The nerdiest cocktails around can be made with this set and then tossed back with it's beaker shot glasses.



Portal Bookends


The game has begun, with these Portal bookends, let's hope he can complete his task. 



Knight Hoodie


Slay the dragon, save the princess or maybe he can just watch TV in his medieval hoodie of softness.


Lego Architecture The White House


Let him feel Presidential with this White House set from Lego.



Matching Jedi Tee's


This adorable matching set is perfect for a Father teaching his son or daughter the ways of the Force.


Starwars Soap Set


Let him have fun in the tub or shower with these homemade soaps including the Death Star and Han Solo in Carbonite.





Periodic Table Glass


If he likes a drink after work let him have one in his periodic table glass spelling out Father.



Whatever gift you give this Father's Day make it special and something he will love from his favorite fandom!


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