Lego Set Review: Fun in the park - City People Pack

May 30, 2016

A visit to the park is always better in the world of Lego.

The instructions came in 3 books. 

So many of us bought this set for the little guy below, the first ever Lego baby Minifigure.

The set was very fast to build as it is mostly Minifigures.














It took about 15 minutes to build them all.














The set contains the following items.




Boy and Girl Twins



Business Woman



Teenage Boy

Boy with Benny shirt

Girl with Cat shirt

Hot Dog Cart Guy






Accessory Pieces:


Basket 1x

Apple 1x

Croissant x1

Hot Dogs 2x

Hot Dog Bun 1x

Baby Bottle 1x

Soccer Ball 1x

Soccer Net 1x

Trees 2x

Paint Bucket 1x

Paint Roller 1x

Brief Case 1x

Tongs 1x

Pink Flowers 1x

Umbrella 1x





Hot Dog Cart


Park Bench

Bus Stop Sign


Picnic Table




All together the set has 157 pieces.

The twins love the Merry-Go-Round.

The base spins in a circle.

The girl twin has a blue jacket and the boy has a blue hoodie with a green striped shirt.

The hot dog stand guy has a new version of the hot dog stand.

The top opens to show the clear compartment where the hot dogs are stored, it also has an umbrella.

And the set comes with the new hot dog bun!

The teenage boy is so cool with his beanie and grey hoodie.

He also has a dog.

His wheelchair piece is the first of it's kind made only in this set.

And the dog is brown and black.

The soccer game at the park has an actual ball!

Also it has a net.

The kids playing soccer are this cute girl with glasses and a pink cat shirt. The boy has a blue hat and an awesome shirt with Benny on it and a SPACESHIP!

At the park bench and bus stop 3 people are waiting.

Grandma is sitting comfortably as Grandpa bring her flowers.

The business woman waits for the bus with her briefcase.

I really love their sweaters, and the new bun style on the business woman.

The landscaper woman mows the grass.

She has a cute green overall set with a red flannel shirt.

The painter has a tiny fence piece to paint at the park.

She is one of the only 2 characters in the set with a dual face. 

The cyclist is ready for a ride.

He has a sweatsuit and a helmet.

 And at the picnic table there is a new family.

The mom has lots of snacks.

She is the other character in the set with a dual face, sunglasses!

 While dad is pushing the stroller with the baby.

This baby and its stroller are brand new pieces, first made for this set.

 The stroller rolls great with its 4 wheels.

I can't handle the cuteness of the Lego baby. The size is so tiny, its the same size as the Lego apple.

For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, I love it so much, you need this set and all of the amazing people in it for your collection.

Especially the new Lego baby!



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