Lego Set Review: Fountain

June 9, 2016

This new give away set from Lego is a perfect addition to your collection, and did I mention its free?

It was a fast build as there are not many pieces.











The set comes with the following items.



Press Woman




Accessory Pieces:

Cookies 2x

Bike 1x

Golden Frogs x4

Flag 1x

Sword x2

Trash Can x1

Flower Bundle 1x

Newspaper x1



Park Benches x2



All together the set has 105 pieces.


The Press woman is wearing a red blazer and a press badge.

She has a cookie and a Lego newspaper.

The dog is brown with black markings.

She also has a yellow bike.

There are 2 blue park benches, one with a trash can.

And the other with a flower pot.


As for the fountain, it is awesome.

It has a knight on top with golden wings and a sword.


The blue pieces really look like flowing water.

And it is surrounded by 4 gold frogs.

The fountain has pieces to make an alternative female statue as well.


She has a flag and a braid.

Though I prefer her with the sword.

For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, it is a great set for a park or town square scene. And it is free right now with a Lego purchase of $75 or more.


Click Here to get this set now, it is out for a limited time only.


















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