Marvel Collector Corps: Women of Power

June 25, 2016

I finally got my Marvel Collector Corps WOMEN OF POWER crate, and it is marvelous!

Inside there are really cool red drawings of female Marvel characters.

The crate always comes with a patch and a pin.


Once I opened the 2nd lid I got really excited, there was so much girl power!

The crate has a sheet that goes over what is inside and fun facts about how the items were put together.

There is also always a comic exclusive to the crate.

Here is a closer look at the patch.

And the pin.

There were 2 Funko Mystery Minis.

Though they were not really a mystery because it says who is in the right on the box. 

She Hulk looks strong and green and ready to take action.

While Captain Marvel look fierce and is about to take down her enemies.

Then there is the Funko Pop that comes with the crate.

It was Squirrel Girl, and you would have to be nuts to not love her immediately.

She is ready for action with her acorn earrings and adorable sidekick. Who by the way, is one of the smallest bobble heads they have every made, yes her head bobbles too!

And who doesn't love a bushy tail x2!

The shirt was classic with black and grey print of Spider Gwen. I was really excited with how classic and basic the shirt was.

I have to express how much I love this crate, Marvel did a great job giving us lots of strong female characters and not making it too girly. Not all of us like pink and glitter on everything. Great job Marvel and thank you!



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