Lego Set Review: Van & Caravan

June 26, 2016

Hitch up the camper we are going on a Lego City adventure with this great new set!



Here's a look at the sticker sheet.










The build was fast and simple and would be great for smaller kids. 


The manuals are split into 1 for the Van and one for the Camper.



 The set comes with the following items.


Camping Girl

Camping Guy



Accessory Pieces:

Giant Sausages 2x

Bones 2x


Red Mug 1x

Yellow Mug 1x

Coffee Maker





All together the set has 250 pieces.


The little grill is great for making some yummy giant sausages.*

The set comes with a girl and guy camper.


They have smile faces and no alternative face.

They also have a brown dog.

Who has 2 bones.

The Van is really great, I love how compact it is.

It has a CITY logo on the front.

The tops come off to allow passengers.

And there are 2 grey pieces in the very back to hold the dog up.


The back has the hitch for the Camper.


The camper is so well done, I grew up with a camper like this and it is really spot on.


One grey back top piece comes off to reveal the inside.

Where there is a little bed and coffee maker.

For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, it is perfect and lots of fun. I can't wait to take it camping on a real camping trip!

* Hot Dog man is terrified of BBQ's.
























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