Get Swept Away at the Bedford Gallery's New Exhibit: Flux

June 30, 2016

One of my favorite places to visit is the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA. Every few months there is another amazing exhibit featured in this Bay Area arts center.

On view at the gallery through August 28th is Flux by Crystal Wagner.

This giant art instillation flows through the entire room and lets you float away on an ethereal journey of color.

It is made from recycled materials like table cloths.

The artist makes these instillation pieces custom to fit each gallery.

Walking through and under the instillation is part of the experience, and it is truly magical.

Every angle has new colors and shapes. 

The entire piece took over 700 man hours to create.

Sweeping across the entire gallery Flux reaches high into the skylights and low to the ground but not touching it, adding to its magical quality.

And in the alcove separate from the main piece, there are smaller paper art pieces by the artist as well.

The color and flow of Flux will move you, everyone should see an instillation by Crystal Wagner at some point in their lives, it is truly an experience.

You can buy piece of Crystal Wagner's art at the reception counter.

And be sure to visit the little nook when you leave to see a great time lapse video of previous installations being built.

For details on visiting the gallery click the banner below.

 As always thank you to Kori Johnson for letting me photograph this stunning art.





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