Lego Set Review: Lighthouse Point

July 4, 2016

Let the new Lighthouse set from Lego guide you safely home from sea. 

This set was a fairly quick build, and has 3 choices.

The Light House, a House Boat and a small Ferry.

I decided to build the main featured lighthouse. 





Each time I completed a new section it made me smile. 



The coolest piece in the set is the light up



The set comes with the following items.




Lighthouse Keeper

Little Girl

Killer Whale


Accessory Pieces:


Mugs x2

Portrait x1

Fish x2

Camera x1







All together the set has 528 pieces.

The Minifigures are the lighthouse keeper and his daughter.

The keeper has a knit cap, a turtle neck and an anchor on his shirt.

The little girl has overalls and a camera for whale watching.

The killer whale is adorable. He has a great expression and lots of range of motion. 

The tail and side fins flip up and down.

There are also 2 sea gulls.

The house has a front and a back door. The front has a flower box by the window and a barrel for fish.

And there is a dock that is  perfect for whale watching.

Or maybe to feed your whale friend a snack.*

Inside there is a seat and a photo.

The back door has a fire by it.

Perfect for grilling some fish.

Inside has a shelf with 2 mugs.

So the 2 Minifigures can share hot cocoa.

Here are all sides of the tower and house.




The top of the lighthouse actually lights up when you press the lever on the back. 

It illuminates the clear and yellow pieces inside.

And the seagulls have a shelf to perch on.

For a rating I give this set 5 out of 5 bricks, it is a perfect little house by the sea. The lighthouse tower actually lighting up is a really nice touch and the whale is fantastic. This set is a must have for all Lego fans.

*Free Willy!


















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