July 8, 2016

Need an activity to keep your kids busy this summer? Try a treasure hunt from

This fun game creating platform, made by a dad, lets you choose the places that hold the clues based on your home or a specific location.

At each clue location there is a puzzle or game to help them figure out the next step.

You can even customize the color and theme, making it a special event for a party or holiday. And up to 20 kids can play at a time.

I recently tried doing a treasure hunt this Easter for my son who is too big for the Bunny. He has fun but not nearly as much fun as he would have had using the games and puzzles of

Kids will get excited to hunt for each clue, and the prize you choose to give them at the end always makes it more awesome.

From the creator:

 "I just turned 35 a few years ago, I share my life with two gorgeous but whimsical women (one of them is 4 years old), and with a fierce 2 year old man who challenges my authority every waking minute. I am totally in love with all of them. I am a techie, so besides working on very high-end start-ups, I have the privilege of being able to create wonderful side-projects like this one. Other men like playing soccer or golfing, my hobby is creating websites and apps, don't judge!"

"I always had a desire to create games for children, even before I had my own. I really wanted to make something unique for kids, and one day I came up with the idea of creating a treasure hunt game that is both exciting for kids, and easy to create for the parents. So I created this website and what you see is maybe the third generation of the game. It has improved a lot over time, and I can honestly say this is the best there is around today. The most fun part about this project is that I am constantly getting thank you emails from parents. It fills me with joy to know that my creation actually works for people all over the world. Not trivial at all!"

Try pairing a treasure hunt with this great printable treasure boxes, they fold out in 3D and you can fill it with goodies.

Want to try out this awesome treasure hunt? Well you are in luck because there is a giveaway for 5 people to make their own custom game through my Instagram right now. Click Here to enter!




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