Pokemon Go - Why You Should Play

July 15, 2016

From the moment I caught Squirtle, my first Pokémon, I knew this game was more than just another app.

My friend had downloaded it on the day it came out, she told me how she caught a Charmander in her bed, I was so confused. After reading up online I knew I had to get this app. Did I mention it is totally free? You get to create your own avatar, screen name and choose your look.

This is the best game app ever made. Even though I caught my first Pikachu in my living room the app makes you actually get off the couch and Go, like the name says, to find new creatures in your neighborhood.

Scanning around you in the real world you find and catch Pokémon.

It makes you go to parks, churches, shopping centers and more, interacting with other players along the way.

But as the game warns, pay attention where you are going!

Pokémon can appear anywhere, and I do mean ANYWHERE. Like the grocery store...

 They invaded my breakfast...

And Starbucks, someone should warn these barista there is a rat on the counter.

And my desk.


You simply drag your finger across your screen to throw a pokeball and catch your Pokémon. And it could not be more addicting.

Once you have your Pokémon travel to Gyms to train, and battle other players. Also click on the blue circle Pokestops and spin them to get items.

Did I mention you also get to incubate eggs.

 After walking the amount of km required for incubation,  they hatch into random Pokemon.

Thought they are not always worth the wait.

The game has given  many people problems in their relationships, especially when couples do not both play the game. To them I say play with your person, play with your kids and play with your friends. Danny and I have been going on Pokedates!

I also play with my friends, its a great way to get out of the house and get some exercise too!


Although sometimes they think I am just taking their photo.

Who would have thought the most popular video game would require you to go outside? This game as the power to bring people together, it already is. Just look at your fellow trainers knowing smile as you walk by that gym. Play on Pokémon trainers, catch 'em all!



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