Lego Set Review: Amusement Park Hot Dog Van

August 5, 2016

Grab your gang and head over to the hot dog van from the 'Friends' amusement park series.

This is one of the five new amusement park themed sets released August 1st.

The set was a fast to build and took only about 20 min.

Here's a look at the sticker sheet.





It went together with ease and was uncomplicated, its a great build for a smaller Lego fan.





The set comes with the following items:


Minifigure Dolls:




Accessory Pieces:

Hot dog buns x2

Giant Sausages x3

Cherry x2

Hot Dog Suit x1

Tongs x2

Ketchup & Mustard x1

Photograph x1

Grill x1





Bar stools x2

Photo Cut-Out Board

Camera Stand

Hot Dog Van


All together the set has 248 pieces.


The Minifigure dolls are Stephanie & Nate. Stephanie has a tropical themed outfit and a pink visor.

Nate can take off the hot dog costume, which we have seen in a previous series*, and replace it with his hair.

The set comes with 2 bars tools that match the van in color, and it also has a hot dog sign.

There is also a few pieces for a fun photo op.

There is a reflective mirror to make sure you are camera ready.

And a photo cut out board. There is a sailor and a mermaid on it and has clear spots for your characters to put their faces in.

There is also a camera with a slot that prints out the picture.

Now for the hot dog van.

Though I did not much care for the color scheme the van is adorable.

There is a very girly cash register, money, ketchup & mustard dispensers and of course, hot dogs.

There is a grill and a place to sit and drive.

And I really liked the touch of the clear green pieces for lights on the underside of the overhang.

The back side has a ladder that takes you onto the roof. On which there is a cute patio with a table and treats.

I give this set a 4.5 our of 5 bricks, I adore the hot dog van and the photo op studio, but the girly color scheme was a bit tedious and the pink really did not fit well with the color scheme. In any case this set is a must have!

*The hot dog suits are the same size it turns out the Minifigure dolls are just taller.

(I did order a lot of different colored pieces from pick a brick, and I can't wait to re-color this set. I will update this post with photos once they arrive!)



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