Remora Tracking

August 15, 2016

Remora Tracking is a new type of GPS tracking device for athletes, parents, employers, pet owners, travelers and more. Remora is tiny, powerful and multipurpose. It sends a signal that users can track from just about anywhere. 

It offers 24/7 Live Tracking- Track almost anywhere at anytime. Automatically refreshes location in seconds. Great for kids walking to school, nervous parents who have hired a new babysitter, adventure camps, and more.

The Geo-Fencing- Set up a “fence” around your house or child’s school so you know when they have gotten out or run away. You can also set this up around a friend’s house to see if they are really just playing in the backyard or playing hooky.

It even has Fall/Emergency Detection. If the device detects a sharp G-Force spike (hard fall, hit by car, bike collision etc) it will then continue to look for movement to make sure the child has not become unresponsive. If it detects that there is little to no movement following this accident, it will automatically alert the parent. There are Accessory clips that can attach to a backpack, lanyard, belt clip, bra strap, fit inside a pocket, tied to the top of a shoe, sewn into a pair of pants, attached to a dog collar, and more.

“I got the idea because in the 12th hour of the Ironman Arizona race, my dad asked me, ‘Where is your friend on the course?’” says Remora Tracking Founder and CEO Nicole Zeno. “All I could answer was, ‘I don’t know,’ and I thought there must be a better way.”


Intereseted in Remora Tracking? Check out their Kickstarter Here!


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