The Lego Hot Dog Van, My Version

August 17, 2016

A while back I built the Lego Friends: Amusement Park Hot Dog Van set.

It was cute but felt a bit forced on the girly side with pink, purple and baby blue bricks. I decided to change it up with my own take on the set.

The set I build has more of a gender neutral feel, and a more realistic look as well. (Click here to see the review of the original set)

I kept to the color theme of a hot dog using mostly tan and red, with a bit of white to break it up.

The roof cafe got a new look and new red mugs, the bar stools got new colors too.

I also ditched the flowery cash register and added a carton of milk.

I personally like this one so much more!

Want to change the set into my creation? Below is what you need to order from Pick-a-Brick:


(2) White Flat Tile 1x1

(2) Red Plate 2x6

(12) White Round Brick 1x1

(4) Tan Plate 2x2 W 1 Knob

(4) Tan Flat Tile 1x2

(3) White Plate 2x12

(6) White Plate 1x2

(4) Tan Wall Element 1x2x1

(2) White Plate 2x4

(6) White Brick W. Arch 1x1x1 1/3

(4) Red Plate 2x2 Round

(1) White Plate 4x4 Round W. Snap

(2) Red Mug

(1) Brick 1x1 NO. "6" (Milk Carton)

(2) Red Flat Tile 1x1






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