Bricks by the Bay 2016

August 22, 2016

The annual Bricks by the Bay Exhibition was this past Sunday the 21st, and everything was awesome!

We got to the show early around 8am and were 2nd in line for the VIP entry which included one hour early entry into the Exhibit area or the Vendor area, and this commemorative brick.

There were lots of Lego Businesses there including Citizen Brick.

There was Lego as far as the eye could see.

There were Minifigures everywhere.

And brick bag filling stations, the cost was typically about $10 per pound.


There was a group called Play Well that offered activities for kids.

They displayed was battle bots that fought in a kind of reverse tug-o-war.

The show had more than just bricks to offer Lego fans.

There were collections of fun/fine art jewelry.

Key chains.

Lego pictures.



And even handmade blankets.

My favorite part was seeing all of the old sets for sale.


The more rare they were the higher the price tag went.



And of course there was no shortage of newer sets. 

There were also really cool light up displays. 

And for the avid brick reader, Lego books. 

Vendors also were selling their own builds, built with mostly Lego bricks.

We took home lots of Minifigures we were missing from our collections and sets, including this incredibly rare one. It was given away by AMC and features a Steven Spielberg Minifigure and Lego camera for making your own stop motion movies,  was smitten.

I got a few more of the Monster Fighters series sets too.

Danny was so happy for 2 reason, 1 the Lord of the Rings tower set he has drooled over for years was finally his.

 And 2, this amazing and RARE set that includes the only time Deadpool was ever featured in a set.

My son got lots of new Minifigures and a Ninja Turtles set. I got a few new Minifigures too.

Once we had our VIP first crack at all the vendors, and we had more Lego sets than we could carry, it was time for the Exhibit room.

There were so many cool sets that people made without instructions it blew my mind.
Check out the gallery below to see them.

We had a blast and will be back next year! For more details on Bricks by the Bay Click Here



















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