Concord Con Toy & Collectible Show Fall 2016

August 29, 2016

This Sunday's Concord Con Toy & Collectible Show was packed with geeky goodness.

The show featured just about every toy genre you can think of.

There were Funko Pops and Hot Wheels/Micro Machines.

There were also some great vintage toys too, I had this dollhouse as a kid.

Of course there were Lego sets and Minifigures.

I gave a smooch a Storm Trooper. (the one guy's face lol) These guys have been at just about every show locally that I go too, they are great sports.

And I figured out a way to get any unruly pre-teen to listen, threaten him with the Empire, FYI geek parents. ;)

It was no surprise with the overwhelming success of PokemonGo that there were lots of vendors with old Pokemon toys.

Did I mention the show was also a Pokestop?

I caught myself a Pikachu while I was browsing.

And found a Pidgey in a bin of Pokemon toys... go figure.

This cute little Ash knew what was up and he got himself a pokeball toy.

The show was a lot of fun and we took home some really great collectibles, I snagged this Lego set.

If you missed Sunday's toy show there is a Lego Show coming in October on the 29th!

Check out the gallery below of the rest of the photos from today.

To check out Concord Con's Facebook for future events: Click Here.




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