Lego Minifigure Series 17: Hot Dog Vendor

May 17, 2017

The Minifigures of Series 17 are here and everything is awesome.

The Hot Dog Vendor is ready to serve everyone with a smile.

He has a total of 9 pieces:

Single expression wide smile face with freckles

Diner hat

Red shirt with checkered apron, bow tie & smiley face pin

Tan pants with checkered apron

Blue tray

Hot dog with bun


His smile is as big as the one on his button. And his bow tie is perfect.

His back shows a tied apron.

And the hot dog is a darker color than the one previously released with a bun.

The white milkshake/soda cup version is a new piece in the Lego world. The mold was used before in the Simpson's series as a 'squishee'.

I do wish the tray had pegs in it, the food keeps falling off every time it gets bumped. And I'm not quite sure why they named this guy the 'hot dog vendor' when he clearly looks like a diner waiter.

But give the Hot Dog Vendor some skates and he is ready to roll just like Tara the Diner Waitress from Series 11.

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 To get your own Series 17 Minifigures from Lego Click Here.






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