Lego Minifigures Series 17: Mystery Figure

May 19, 2017

Series 17 of Lego Minifigures has a mystery figure!

There were many guesses about what this figure would be, some said pirate, some even said alien. I guessed some type of revolutionary. While I wasn't far off, the actual figure is so so much cooler.

The Mystery Figure is from the Revolution era, but he is definitely not a patriot.

Meet the Lego Highwayman!

There are a total of 9 pieces:

Black 3-tip hat

Angry face with long sideburns

Black mask

Black top chest piece with ruffle

Black legs

Black cape

2x Dark gray guns

This guy is ready for some series action.

His all black outfit is perfect for spying and taking out his enemies with stealth.

And his black cape is shrouded in mystery.

The poor classic revolutionary is just no match for The Highwayman.

More blogs of the rest of the Minifigures soon!

If you want to get your own Series 17 Minifigures Click Here.








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