Smuggler's Bounty: A New Hope

May 24, 2017

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty is a bi-monthly crate by Funko.

This was my first ever Smuggler's Bounty box. By the look of it I thought there would be something Princess Leia inside, sadly that was not the case, but there were some other cool things.

When you open the top flap of the box there is a patch and a pin.

The patch looks like it might be Luke on his infamous mission to destroy the Death Star.

And the pin is Chewbacca.


Inside the box there were 3 items.

First off there is a pair of Star War wrist warmers.

Then there is a salt & pepper shaker featuring Han Solo and Greedo.

I thought at first that they were plastic but they are actually porcelain. So who will get to season your food first?

Lastly there is a giant Funko Pop.

The Pop is Luke in his speeder on Tatooine.

I was really surprised with the size of he Pop, it really is huge and ready to blast some womp rats.

July's theme is going to be Droids, so click to sign up and get yours!










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