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June 16, 2017

If you want some Lego fun this summer, then look no further than the Lego Fun at the Beach set!

The build is quick, but entertaining. There is everything you need for a sun filled day at the beach.

From animals, to people, to accessories this set really has it all.

And it comes with 2 instruction books.

First up is the kayak man.

He has a solid piece kayak and single paddle, and the kayak floats.

And he wears sunglasses, a green wet-suit and a life vest.

The wind surfer and dolphin make a great team.

I love the board color.

The sail itself is very moveable, which makes it fall over easily.

The surfer girl has a blue wet-suit and a life jacket.

The Dolphin is new to the Classic Lego world, and I love the design.

It is definitely an improvement over the Lego Disney one from the Ariel's Dolphin Carriage set in both shape and features, it is much more realistic.

The sand castle girl is hard at work.

The sand castle is simply constructed and a flag tops it off.

The little girl has a brand new outfit read for summer, as well as a shovel and pail.

Grandpa is busy with his metal detector looking for burred treasure.

It has 2 gold coins for him to find.

And Grandpa is wearing a Hawaiian style shirt which is a new piece.

The volleyball players are ready to serve up some fun.

There is a net and ball. 

And a woman and man volleyball players in bathing suits.

They have more new outfits for the Lego Minifigure world that are perfect for summer.

The sun bathing photographer is my favorite Minifigure in the pack.

She kicks back in a reclining beach chair with an umbrella table.

She has her camera for getting those perfect beach shots.

Her green polka-dotted bathing suit is adorable on the back and the front.

And she has sunglasses on and a smirk.

The boombox kid loves having his tunes at the beach.

The boombox is a huge improvement over the one from the Lego Juniors Beach Trip set.

He wears a red hat and basketball jersey tank top.

The hammock kid is relaxing in the shade.

 It really says something about the times that he is not just relaxing in the hammock.

He is laying in it with a cell phone.

The hammock is the same cloth used in the Beachside Vacation set.

The kid himself is wearing a cute sleeveless green hoodie top.

A janitor is at the beach too, though he doesn't seem to be having much fun.

There is a garbage can, a broom and a banana.

Also there is a friendly Dalmatian dog.

And the janitor himself is not properly dressed for the heat.

The ice cream stand is going to be very busy at the beach.

The ice cream vendor woman is ready to serve up a sweet treat.

The ice cream stand is basic, but gets the point across.

And I love her new sailor looking top and scarf.

The little girl is too cute and ready for some ice cream.

While Grandma is more than happy to oblige her, in her vintage swimsuit.

The diver is ready to discover what is in the sea.

He finds a lobster and a fish. The lobster is originally from the Lego Batman Minifigure series.

The diver himself has green flippers, a red wet-suit and a helmet with goggles.

 The lifeguard is on duty in his watch tower.

The tower has an inner-tube and a parrot.

And the lifeguard looks almost snobbish with his whistle and long hair, he will totally stop anyone inciting horseplay in the waves.

The set is a must have, especially for kids this summer.

Get the Lego Fun at the Beach set, click here!  



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