Bricks & Minifigs

June 26, 2017

A new Lego store has opened in the Bay Area called Bricks & Minifigs. 

Bricks & Minifigs is a franchise specializing in Lego & Lego compatible products.

From the moment you walk in there is Lego every where!

There is a table for build your own Minifigure.

There are awesome Lego Head murals on the walls and more boxed sets & poly bags than you can count.

There are huge tables full of bulk bricks.

The store also sells pre-built used sets. They buy, sell and trade Lego sets at this location.

You can also find unofficial products like apparel, guns from Brick Arms, display shelves, signs, gift cards, building plates & brick tape.

Bricks & Minifigures also hosts Birthday parties, with Lego car races, games and more.

This location is family owned and they are very nice people who love all things Lego.

They spend hours sorting bricks and sets for resale, there is always something new to discover.

And of course they also have 100's of Minifigures.

You have simply got to stop by Bricks & Minifigs for some family Lego fun!

Bricks & Minifigs

2250 Commerce Ave, Suite B
Concord, CA 94520




































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