Lego Modular Modern Home Set 31068

June 28, 2017

The Lego Modular Modern Home set is one of the new sets released June 1st.

The build was very quick, and the only time I ran into difficulty was the walls. They have a rounded top and slide in, sometimes they wouldn't fit until after a few tries and often fall back out.

It is a Creator series set.

So there are 3 build options for it.

I built the main home option. The house is small and compact and has lots of foliage. 

It does not open up it just has an open back.

The top has a panel that opens up.

 There is a couch and chair in the living room.

And in the upstairs bedroom there are 2 beds.

Then bedroom leads onto a top floor patio.

The mom figure has a pair of scissors and she keeps the plants looking great all over the house.



And the little boy Minifigure love to fly his drone helicopter.

The most unique thing about this set is the electric car chraging station.

The little green electric car clicks right to it.

The car is a basic design and fits 1 person.

Though the open back and sides do make it look a bit unfinished.

 The house also comes with something new, a trampoline.

 It has a step, and a few flowers.

It is a simple design but you know what it is right away, and it looks really cute with a Minifigure on it.

 The set has a build-able dog as well.

At least, I think its a dog haha.

The 2 minifigures are standard and only have a 1 sided face.

The set is really cute and would be a fun build for anyone this summer. To get your own Modular Home Click Here!




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